Like Devil in the Church

by Scaffold



released March 16, 2015



all rights reserved


TaurunumRecords Belgrade, Serbia

TAURUNUM RECORDS was founded in February 2015 in Belgrade, as an independent publishing organization specialized in Undergrond extreme metal music.

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Track Name: Murder With Clear Conscience

In every moment World gonna burst
Cause life in whom pain rules
Severs human breed destroy bodies
And do everything in front of Him!

Nobody gonna survive, only screams will be left
That will be the end of the evil universe
Born to snatch rack and burn
For first time will feel like imperiled

Murder with clear conscience
To be like others
Hedge yourself from scum
Don’t let your hands daub in blood.

Blood-thirsty masses wicked brains with
Will be found in a george
Where serial production of evil ends
And nobody’s won’t be forgiven.

Death will be just a beginning
For redeeming all lays delusions.

All of them will be artless,
Just whores will stay,
They will bag for forgiveness,
For being in fault and now they must die.
Track Name: A Night to Remember
Your life is in other hands,
Whom are you dying for,
The moment when coldness
And death gets you, comes...

Scream proves that you’re not dreaming,
Reality is that you’re feeling,
It seems like time stopped,
There is no tomorrow, it is last night.

Eyes are opened,
Lungs full of salted water,
Hands are calling for help,
And looking for offender to own death.

On this Earth
No truth,
Bones are floating
Cold air
Freezes blood
Victims of advance and technology
Do not care for human lives.

Survivors are sympathize
With life lessens
And revs drop
Scream of silence
Deeply through night
And cold dark water
This is a night…
A night to remember.
Track Name: I, Caesar

I, Caesar and my twisted mind,
We walked together, but we went different paths...

Hands and fingers are miracle,
One hand grips the sword, second hand jewels from the east,
I enjoy the smell of bloody limbs,
Extract blood and fear and victory last I reign

When the rivers of creation flow,
Drown the pleabs,
Seed of royal blood, beyond the walls
We must re-spread.

I Caesar, I Caesar!!!

I, Caesar and my twisted mind,
We walked together, but we went different paths...
Track Name: Suicidal Future (Bloodbath cover)

Silently I was sitting in my deserted room,
Inclined upon pale feature of my sister,
From her violated body livid body,
One more drop of nightmare has flowed away.

In my carious brain
Dark voice of decline has started to talk
And from purple eyes of loneliness
Madness start to gush

In front of my foots
Dead lamb was lying
Black holes in soul
Start to fill with spiders

Twilight of consciousness
Trampling bling fool is running down the stairs
Cursed peace of deadness
Breaking by black freshness of night
In fog which is running through my bones
I found the answer – Suicide!

Black blood is running from sky
Terrible creature of irrelevance
Is removing my body
Corpse in the pond of blood
My dead creator
Is returning me on gallows.

Suicidal future!